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1983 240D auto..soon to run a generator in the country.1984 300D turbo 4 spd
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Need opinions and advice. Love my 240D (102K) but she's rotted beyond my abilities.
Engines lovely.
I'm in a rural area and would like to hook up 1 or 2 10 kilowatt generators to her still robust power.
Anyone able to estimate the rpm of the drive axel,( I assuming that's the right rear) as I need 3600 rpm output for 7200 watt output. I figured I'd have to push the rpms higher if I didn't continue using the tranny and rear. Obviously an amateur, I have some shame at using this lovely old girl for this but she took care of me for years and the 300D is my primary after I get the 4 speed manual into her.
Happy Holidays to All and appreciate all feedback
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