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OT (off-topic) help with insurance/registration info in the states

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hello guys..this is mainly directed towards the members residing in the USA..
i'm looking into possibly buying a bike here in the uk, that was never registered here, but the last registration was in the states, but first (of course) i want to check the history and make sure it isn't stolen/scrapped etc, so is there a website/sites out there that can check on a car/bikes history and whether the current owner is indeed legit.

the reason i ask is that there are many such services in the uk, that check on past accidents/colour changes/owners/bad credit and finance etc, so i thought there must be something similar over there, and i'd rather use something that ppl have used before, hence any experience is appreciated.

such a long post for such a brief request..sheesh!

any help appreciated...
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thanks for the quick reply :) i'll look around and seeeee
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