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OT: Hummer front wheel spin

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Oh no, a bit too much heavy footed driving leaves another H2 looking for an automotive pediatrist....
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yeah, that truely sucks. however, that car is almost worth fixing no matter how bad the damage is.
yes right, the caption should read that it is STILL worth $1 million regardless. That is one VERY special chassis.
worst on that site is:

but this Kamaz fairs quite nice...
AMS just published their list of cool "oops"

The first one reminded me of a picture that a friend had sent me some years back - titled "woman driver"


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oh, god... i've done that twice (in 10 years) ... but at least i noticed it immediately. Thank god those hoses are designed with pull release couplings for just that reason. Does it save face that i was in a hurry?... no not really i suppose.
it's not only ladies then!


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nope definitely not... but at least i figured it out before i left the parking lot. [:(]
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