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Looks really nice sized. Just a couple of things to think about, frommy days in professional kitchens:

Make sure you have a place to "land" your food after you pull it out of the grill / smoker. Someplace nice and sturdy, that can be cleaned and sanitized, a good sized plastic cutting board is not very expensive, and can be thrown away when no longer usable without too much sadness. Wood requires periodic oiling, NEVER use those glass things they sell as cutting boards; they will dull your knives.

Make sure you have a place for your tools; things such as tongs, burger flippers, grill grate tools, etc... Keep them out of the way, but handy and protected.

You can get commercial size and strength tools at a restaraunt supply store. The ribs don't give a crap if the tongs came from Williams-Sonoma or Pete's restaraunt supply. The ones from Pete's are likeley to be a lot more durable aside from being massively cheaper.

Having power to the site means you can use an electric rotisserie. (And beer fridge) Lights come in handy when trying to cook after dark, too.

Make sure you have good ventilation for propane fumes.

Have a nice area for sitting, with clear route in and out from the cooking machines; You don't want to trip over the chair when carrying a freshly roasted turkey in to Thanksgiving Dinner.

Have a good fire extinguisher in a nice handy spot. Paranoia is a survival tactic.

Shelving for supplies such as rubs, lighters, spices, and weapons is also desirable: some times you have to protect your Pork Rub recipe.

Some times, you might want to cook up some beans, or sauce, or a little snack. A small burner can come in handy.

Remember to have a good trash can in there too. You don't want the butcher wrap from the steaks blowing into the neighbor's yard. Or your wife to discover all the beer cans.

A sink can also be useful, for hand washing or food or utensil cleaning, remember the water has to go somewhere.

Just a few things off the top of my head,

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it's an outdoor kitchen that will house my smoker, grill, stove, etc... ( We live outside all 12 months down in the south :) )

Been smoking and grilling for many years and wanted a covered outside area.

I purchase everything wholesale, restaurant depot, etc.. and have done a few events. This is just a nice personal space for me to cook outside / undercover with a flat screen running , cold beer and hangout. Not looking at making a living under it.

Will have electric, water "hot and cold" be hooked up to septic.

I'm on 13 acres and wish I bought more around me so I don't really have
neighbor's. The ones I do are glad to have me back here or I will sell it off and put a trailer park here.

Been in the planning stages for quite some time.

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I'll have to reserve judgment until I can inspect it up close at the next SUPER get-together at your place, Flip!

There. GTG brought it back into the realm of MB. Now you're "legal."

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Holy He'll Flip, where the heck do you find the time and energy to take on all these projects ?:D. Looks like a nice job ! You know you are going to attract a bunch of wandering Benz derelicts !
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