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OT Harbor Freight Tools and Coupons

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It seems Harbor Freight tools often get mentioned in various threads but there was no dedicated HF thread. I'm often the first to criticize low quality use once break once tools, but I just had an atypical positive experience with HF to share. I bought the $20 LED shop light (coupon below) and it is a high quality build that is brighter than my dual tube LED shop lights. I just used it for a quick in the car paint project inside the garage, there was no need to roll out into the sunlight.

Your comments about HF tools good or bad are welcome.


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Hello all thanks for the great HF feedback. One tool that I found surprisingly durable is the electronic chainsaw on a pole. I have done several seasons of serious tall tree trimming with it, and it is still going strong despite several bouts of getting stuck in the branches. Also the free flashlights, batteries, drop cloths, electric test meters, etc. are worth the price.

One item I think is crap are the titanium drill bit sets. I guess getting 30 drill bits for $11 is asking a bit much, but i had these bits give up going through soft aluminum. Forget about steel.
I managed to squeeze all four in (just barely) when I left for Italy last month. Couldn’t live with it everyday but it works in a no-use storage situation.:grin
Barely squeeze? Based on your snapshots there is room for at least two motorbikes with existing shelving, two dumpsters and a park bench along with the four now there. You have a potential six car set up!!
My brother-in-law developed a working protocol for determining how much garage space (shelving) needs to be allocated for storage in the garage... keep in mind we live on Long Island in New York.

For every object vying for storage space in the garage, ask yourself the following question... "Would I pay to ship this _________ (fill in the blank) to California"? If the answer is no then you don't need to accommodate storage space for that object... toss it.
Simple but effective. :thumbsup:
Thanks for that. So I'm visiting Monterey next week and I look forward to seeing the huge garages with Amazon warehouse capacity shelving.
If you have been waiting for the coveted 25% coupon here it is, with a note from President Eric Smidt to pass it along...


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I guess 25% is becoming the new normal, like a Rock Auto discount. Use this one by July 28.


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I finally made it to the famous Harbor Freight. I didn't NEED anything.....but walked out with a full motion TV wall mount capable of a 80 inch TV. First buy for the upcoming lake house.
Hope you had a coupon. Now I need to upgrade to 80 inch.
In the old HF days. They did carry Devilbiss Compressors that were made in the USA-All American parts. Those just last and last and last.. I got me one of those 15 years ago(from HF). Sears did sell that same models too as in the 80's I painted cars with the one my father bought, and my father still has it, and it works just fine too...
Their stuff is great..
Hey Martin, I have a Devilbiss paint gun, not the compressor, but that was one fine quality sprayer, as you say it lasts and lasts. I got it from Sears almost four decades ago! I painted several cars and motorcycles with that gun, it always resulted in a finish worth showing. People would ask where I did my paint, and thought I was kidding when I said in my driveway.
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HF electric is what I use.
PanzerPuff, can you send a couple of pics of the bracketry you built? That looks like it treats everything nicely!
If you search this board you will find the pics you seek. I would post the link from a search here, but I find it easier to just post the pics just like you found it easier to just ask for them.


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PanzerPuff, thanks!!!
It looks like all the lifting/contact point is the "T" piece across the trip at the top of the back window. Is that correct?
No, the T piece only shares the weight and stabilizes the top. I think most of the lifting is by the two white PVC tubes. Those are located ahead of the center of gravity of the hardtop, so the remaining lift is on the wooden T. Everything metal has grey felt weather stripping material on it for scratch resistance. I used two pulleys not one as it doubles the capacity of the hoist and does not allow the top to pivot.


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The Harbor Freight 25% Coupon is infrequent. Time to get something big.
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Interesting you posted this. Today I plan on going to HF and use the phone App HFCoupons and see if it works.
Carl, did it work? The posted coupon is not good until tomorrow.
If I wasn't such a make-do-with-what-i-have type, i'd be all over this!

Some things I would recommend NOT buying from HF:
-any of their welders and associated equipment
-fuel pressure testing kits
-cutting discs for small rotary tools

Things I've enjoyed for years:
-hydraulic floor jacks
-aluminum jack stands
-ratchets and metric sockets (really impressed by the quality of the "pittsburgh" line)

Dubious, but have served me well:
-house brand power tools
Interesting list Frazier! I had good luck with my HF fuel pressure testing kit. I avoided their 6 ton jack stand (not aluminum) because the jackstand release handle will allow the jack to drop to the lowest setting even with the full weight of a car on it... surprised there were no recalls. I agree on the floor jacks now 15+ years old. Their 5 inch bench vice is pretty durable. I might get some Pittsburg sockets to fill the gaps in my collection.

IMHO one of their best items is the 5000 lumen hanging shop light for $18. That single tube is twice as bright as my two-tube fixtures, and the LED requires no warm-up in my frozen garage. I now have five of them.
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