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OT Harbor Freight Tools and Coupons

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It seems Harbor Freight tools often get mentioned in various threads but there was no dedicated HF thread. I'm often the first to criticize low quality use once break once tools, but I just had an atypical positive experience with HF to share. I bought the $20 LED shop light (coupon below) and it is a high quality build that is brighter than my dual tube LED shop lights. I just used it for a quick in the car paint project inside the garage, there was no need to roll out into the sunlight.

Your comments about HF tools good or bad are welcome.


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I like Harbor Freight tools.
Sure some things are cheap low quality.
BUT, other things are very high quality and certainly good enough for amateur mechanics like us.

I especially like HF sockets, and wrenches. I have various ratcheting wrenches, stubby wrenches, and both metric and SAE versions.

I also use HF Torque Wrenches - $10/each on sale is not bad. I checked the calibration using some weights and they seem close enough.

I also find HF AC gauges and vacuum pump nice.

I still like my Craftsman Ratches though.

My Engine Hoist works well.
The transmission jack I purchased bent when I dropped the Transmission/Transfer Case assembly on my SUV but it was the cheapest HF version and I should have known better and purchased their more heavy duty one.

My HF Earthquake lug wrench doesn't seem to have the torque I was expecting but maybe I should test drive another vendors to be sure.

My $89 HF wire welder that I modified to work as DC works great for me to learn how to do welding. Still have it and it will weld some light to medium duty needs but not for structural welds. But for $89, what do you expect, and also you need to be proficient at welding to take advantage of more expensive welders.

My assessment ... yes Harbor Freight is a "happy place" for guys like us.
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Interesting you posted this. Today I plan on going to HF and use the phone App HFCoupons and see if it works.
Carl, did it work? The posted coupon is not good until tomorrow.
Yes it did.
I have a lot of tools but I still like to browse through HF while the wifey is doing her thing somewhere else.

I got x3 of those Magnetic dishes at 63 cents, x3 AAA batteries 24pack at $1.39, oil funnel set at 79 cents and a few other things. I used the HF App on my Smartphone whose coupons are most good thru 12/31/2020. Just showed the coupon on my phone to cashier.
If I wasn't such a make-do-with-what-i-have type, i'd be all over this!

Some things I would recommend NOT buying from HF:
-any of their welders and associated equipment
-fuel pressure testing kits
-cutting discs for small rotary tools

Things I've enjoyed for years:
-hydraulic floor jacks
-aluminum jack stands
-ratchets and metric sockets (really impressed by the quality of the "pittsburgh" line)

Dubious, but have served me well:
-house brand power tools
Yes I do like the HF Pittsburgh ratchets, sockets, extensions, wrenches, etc.
Also use Jackstands, Floor Jacks, and Engine Hoist.
Include Allen, Ball, and Torx tools.
Tie Rod tools and grinders are good enough for my seldom use.
The Tool Chests really look nice but I already have four old Craftsmans.
There are still a lot of other cheap quality inexpensive tools that have served me well.
I've concentrated on Ryobi 18v battery tools.
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