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Hey guys,

I just picked up a 1970 Yamaha AT1 125 Enduro motorcycle that has 400 miles on it. It has sat most of its life in a barn, last oil change was 1985 and run about 10 miles before it sat another 20 years. All original gaskets and seals on the motor. They are not currently leaking, but now that Im running the bike Im worried they might fail. The question is, would there be any benefit to using one of those high miles (75,000K+) oils that are supposed to help restore worn/old seals etc? Any other product out there that might help keeps things in order? Thanks.

P.S. I found a vintage Yamaha forum and was stoked! After using benzworld I thought I had it made! I had Questions, Questions, Questions but it took 3 weeks for anyone to even look at the question. This site rocks and all of you make this a great place to exchange info and insight, thats why Im asking a 35 year old Japanese motorcycle question in a German sports car forum! I know you guys know the answer. Thanks for all the help be it 4 wheels or 2!
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