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300D window motor & reg prob. Need assembly instructions.

1976 300D 115 - not 123
Problem: left front window didn't work - didn't make a sound. I tested wiring and switches to banjo connectors. Everything's good. Removed motor & regulator, separated them & applied 12v. Motor worked in both directions. Regulator spins freely when not connected to motor. (First question: If both work when separated, what was the problem?)
While re-inserting motor shaft into regulator, the flat plate (thing that separates motor & regulator and has a hole in it to keep shaft centered) came off and shaft came out. When I reassembled, motor no longer works. Getting the springs collapsed was tough. I used a thin piece of plastic as a spreader, inserted shaft, and then removed plastic. (Second question: Why isn't the motor working now?)
Should I clean it with electrical cleaner?
Also, before it fell apart, I couldn't fully insert shaft into gear. Why not? My factory MB service manual CD has nothing on power windows.
If I can't get it fixed, is it possible to make the window manual? My door panel already has a hole.
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