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OT 19 Family Photos Gone Wrong ... Very Wrong

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Good for a laugh...makes me glad I'm single (actually re-single)...enjoy

19 Family Photos Gone Wrong ... Very Wrong | SMOSH
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Thx. Steve ...

Dunnow why, but apart from the kids, the family-dogs are also looking great in some of these :)
Extremely entertaining.

Apart from re-singling, I hope all's well in Vegas ?
Wish I was there ...

Kind Regards,
... YOUR 50th ... ? :)

Going to Amsterdam for a conference in May ... Not with the Benz, but taking my other love of my life (SWIMBO ?).

Found another supplier for parts in Holland which has a decent price, but mainly/also a good return-policy, Germany seemed so far all of a sudden ...

Take good care,
Hi John, sorry, i wasn't paying attention ... My regards to Barbara!

Congrats for both of you, specifically Barb for her patience with an MB enthousiast, 50 years can seem long at some Points in time .. :)

1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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