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Hello all,
Today I decided that it was cool enough to put the soft top up for the 1st time since April. Basically, I am paranoid re: the many problems that occur with these so I only put it up or down a few times each year as this is a 2-3K miles annual nice weather top down car; probably what I now see classified as a"garage queen"

Top went up no problem other than I latched the front with the "tool"; this is not abnormal. When all was complete I noticed a ticking sound around the climate control and radio area. The clicking stopped when the engine was off and the key was removed. Upon re-start I realized that the radio was not working or "lit", same with CD player, and power antenna. After checking fuses and head scratching, I decided to put down the top to see if it would have an effect ( I really knew better!). No change except when I put the top back up it was like a dream, quick and lacthed by itself.

After driving (no other issues/symptoms) perhaps 6 or 7 minutes I heard the clicking stop and a second or 2 later the radio, cd player and antenna functioned. Too good to be true. Our drive was about 30 uneventful minutes; however, each successive trip ( 45 minutes or so total) was back to the ticking.................

I keep thinking that the radio, cd player, and antenna are "tied" together. I don't have the radio removal tool (yet). Is it time? Any suggestions?

I bet someone knows!

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Any suggestions?
Um. Post this back in the R129 forum? Here we work with 107s, and they all have manual tops and no electrical running to the latches. And they stopped production in 1989.
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