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My first post!

I am looking for opinions/facts about the effect of putting 6.5" wide wheels on my 81 300SD. They will have studded snows mounted.

The longwinded story:

I own an 81 and an 85 300SD. I'm taking both into the Rockies soon. The 85 door jamb sicker indicates a recommended tire size of 205 70 14 whereas the 81 indicates 195 70 14. Looking in the 81's owner manual I see rims specified as 6 J x 14 H 2. Conflicting, is this info, with that given to me by a scrapyard lady that the 126 versions all had 6.5" wheels. After picking up wheels for the 85 (6.5" width Al), it was off to the other yards in town to source something for the 81. I found a set of Al 6" width wheels and decided against them as i found a 40$ set of 6.5W steelies. Not until I actually sat down and had the presence of mind to look at the manual for the vehicle did I realize these two cars were assigned different wheel and tire sizes. So then I went outside and measured the outside width of the wheels on the car and came closer to the 7 5/8 that i measured for the 6.5 inner width wheels. There are 205 70 14's on 6.5width whells on the car now, the setup I intended. I told you this was the long winded version. I know these differences are small, and i feel I am being overly anal about this, but nonetheless I am curious about what folks will have to say about the small differences i mentioned. Will the smaller tire sill fit on the larger rim and vice verca?

Thanks, Phil
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