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A friend of mine found an 460 long / 1983

Chassi 460 233 17 027726

He told me that the seler present the truck as a diesel one - what is on the license - looking at the EPC i found ita was a 280 GE , but i couldnt get the data chart of this chassi.It means it is a wrong chassi?

The engine tha is on the truck is a 300 gd - i am going to see the truck with him tomorrow , thanks for any help.

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CEOG said:
I had a 280 G that had a BMW turbo diesel transplanted from a BMW 528. It was awesome. So maybe the G you friend is looking at has a transplant as well.
They are calling it 300gd and telling him that the engine has 113 HP . I want to see if it is the OM 617 ( it use to have 90 HP- i am wrong?). I am going today to see the truck.


Mark , i verified that and found the same chassis number in both places.

The question is that EPC give this chassis as not correct.

I tried with WDB, VGA(it may be a PUSH with MB badge)...and nothing....

Thanks anyway.

1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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