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A friend of mine found an 460 long / 1983

Chassi 460 233 17 027726

He told me that the seler present the truck as a diesel one - what is on the license - looking at the EPC i found ita was a 280 GE , but i couldnt get the data chart of this chassi.It means it is a wrong chassi?

The engine tha is on the truck is a 300 gd - i am going to see the truck with him tomorrow , thanks for any help.

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It sounds like it started out as a 280 6 cyl gas engine. Recieved a 300d 617 or 617A (turbo) 5cyl diesel transplant. To verify the VIN: Check the vin number on the number plate in the engine compartment and compare it to the number stamped on the chassis located in the passenger side front wheel well behind the tire.

Pretty common transplant.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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