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Ordered c230K today-Long

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After a month or so of lurking on this and other boards, and having test driven two coupes, I finally put my order in today. Mine will be Alabaster white with charcoal leather, a six-speed and the wheel package. The two testers I drove both had the Panorama roof, and both creaked. In addition, I live in New Orleans and the A/C could not keep up without the shades closed-that would be for 8 months out of the year.<br><br>
I chose the six-speed simply because it was a lot more fun for me to drive. I find the shifting very smooth. The clutch does have a short throw, but I got used to it very quickly. Also, the acceleration seemed a hell of alot faster with the manual.<br><br>
LEATHER INTERIOR-They cannot even enter the order until the first week of October. They are saying middle of December for pick-up, but I accept the fact that it may be longer.<br><br>
FYI, the dealer found two silver six-speeds with charcoal leather and no roof in production right now and available in 1st week of October. I will not get out of my lease until end of November so took a pass on them, especially since every other freakin Mercedes down here is silver and these did not have the wheel package. I am willing to wait 3-4 months for leather-that is how ugly I find the cloth interior!<br><br>
POINT OF INTEREST-Of the 6 or so coupes I've seen at my local dealer, all of them have been left on the lot over the weekends with their back hatchs(err, I mean partial glass trunks)open. This means that on any given Sunday, everybody and their brother is trying to open these cars by crawling in the trunk to take a peak. Is there something wrong with the trunk locking mechanism or do these Mercedes salesmen simply not know how to lock the thing? It is the funniest sight to drive up to the dealer on a Sunday to check for any new colors, etc. and see 4 cars with their hatches open and entire families poking their heads in!<br><br>
Anyway, let me know if you need any information as I have driven the car several times and have seen 5-6 others. I have seen the cars with every option except the wheel option.<br><br>
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Congrats, I am running the thought of the Coupe through my head right now. I have also driven both the auto and the stick, I will agree that the stick is soooo much more fun to drive, good choice. How much did you end up paying for the car? What options did you get, wheels only or more? Thanks. <br> <br> Tony
Ordered my silver c230k today as well.<br> <br> Like Jeff I went for leather with no sunroof(never been big on sunroofs - the creaking was the nail in the coffin). The dealer had no idea when it would be ready (probably not until late this year/early next - although the cloth ones will be readily available in October).<br> <br> I didn't opt for the wheel package - although for those of you who are interested it's a good deal. The list price is $750 - you get the spoked 17' wheels, 225/45 tires, a different steering wheel, bigger exhaust tip, and subtle differences in trim (door handles, aluminum pillar).<br> <br> Cheers, Brian
Ordering Sunroof

Who of you guys ordering C sportcoupe also ordered the panorama sunroof. I have heard negative response to this like creaking and the car gets too hot when not using sunshade. What are your opinions..thanks
Re: Ordering Sunroof

I haven't heard any creaking or anything... I think the pana roof adds a special flavor to the car.<br> <br> I ordered mine with the roof, heated seats, leather, command, wheel package, power seats, rain sensor... in short, everything except the phone. Thay are all worth the money.
Ordering phone

I also ordered the phonepreinstall, so I can use my Nokia phones, works great! You can see who is calling or who you gonna call on your But in my experience the roof creaks when driving over bumps diagonally and uneven pavement. It's not worth paying so much and get all the creaks for free. It certainly takes away the driving pleasure!
Re: Ordering phone

phonepreinstall? <br> <br> Is that one of the K2, K2a options? If so, I think they are way overpriced... Don't you think? ~$1800...<br> Please let me know if this is something else!
Re: Re: Ordering phone

No that is not the one, I ordered A852C, it's about $250, for Nokia Phones 5110,5130,6110,6130,6150 and starting september also for Nokia 6210 and 7110.

Anyone ordered Lavablack color?
Re: Re: Re: Ordering phone

What is the phone pre-install? How much? Does it only work with Nokia?
Re: Lavablack

The only blacks available in the new American-market 2002 C catalog are Standard black, Black Opal, and Obsidian. There is also a Tectite Grey, but I don't see any Lavablack.
Re: Re: Re: Ordering phone

Those are all European GSM phones, not available in the USA market.<br> <br> Why would the 6210 & 7110 only be available in September? The connectors are the same as for the 6110 & 5110. I have 5110, 6110 & 7110 and they all work with the same data cable and car kit.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Ordering phone

Sure the phones will work, also the Nokia 6210 and 7110, but if you like to see caller id on your dash display of your Benz you need the new software available from september 2001. Otherwise what use is it to order factory installed equipment if aftermarket functions are the same and are cheaper?
Re: Re: Re: Re: Ordering phone

Sure the phones will work, also the Nokia 6210 and 7110, but if you like to see caller id on your dash display of your Benz you need the new software available from september 2001. Otherwise what use is it to order factory installed equipment if aftermarket functions are the same and even cheaper?
Re: Re: Lavablack

You're right about the Blacks: avail. in Black, Black Opal (special order), and Obsidian Black (also special order), but the Tectite Grey is only available as an option on the C240 and C320 sedans, the C320 sport wagon, and on the AMG C32 (as long as you only get the completely charcoal leather seats, not the duotone seats). Other colors not available on the C Coupe but available on some of the other C cars are Everest Green, Midnight Blue, and Amethyst. Amethyst is only available on the non AMG sedans and wagon. There ARE 2 special colors ONLY available on the coupe and not on the others. The first is Paprika metallic (orangy reddish color), and the other is Citron Green metallic (very limish green color). These are all color combinations available in the US mind you, I don't know about other markets. Just for the record, I ordered mine in plain black on black cloth (couldn't wait til Dec or Jan for leather), 6 speed manual, 17' wheel package, panoramic sunroof, Bose package, and fiberoptic 6cd changer in glove box. Would have liked to option it out, but alas, am only 23 and don't have the funds quite yet. Good luck with all your C purchases out there.
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Re: Re: Ordered c230K today-Long

The only option I wanted were the wheel package and the leather package.
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