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Options for a jack to keep in the rear hatch....

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Guys, lately been searching for a good 3 ton jack to keep in the rear of the ML for possible tire change. This is the one i am leaning towards, about $73.00 on Amazon. Looks to be well built and electric, so no collapsable handle !

Your thoughts ?

STANDTALL Electric Car Jack Car Floor Jack 3 Ton All-in-one Automatic 12v Scissor Lift Jack Car Repair Tool for Sedans and SUV

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I prefer the KISS system. Keep It Simple Stupid. For my overland build ML I chose an inexpensive hydraulic bottle jack. They are much more stable and capable than the scissor jacks (like the OEM). Simple bottle jacks are also incredibly reliable. Throw it in the back of your ML and 30 years from now it will still work. While neat, I would never trust a 12 volt electric jack to work when I needed it. Electric motors fail and I simply could not trust it long term.
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