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Options for a jack to keep in the rear hatch....

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Guys, lately been searching for a good 3 ton jack to keep in the rear of the ML for possible tire change. This is the one i am leaning towards, about $73.00 on Amazon. Looks to be well built and electric, so no collapsable handle !

Your thoughts ?

STANDTALL Electric Car Jack Car Floor Jack 3 Ton All-in-one Automatic 12v Scissor Lift Jack Car Repair Tool for Sedans and SUV

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This is the one I am leaning toward....very nice design and well thought out.
OK , guys............this is the one I ordered. Should have it in a few days.

$160.00 brand-new on ebay. Made by a company Deltran, which established its reputation with a line of very good quality battery chargers...the Battery Tenders...that do a great job with long term storage of 12V batteries.

They have recently branched out to some other products, including the tool kit above. I got a little more information yesterday from a Deltran rep and decided to order it....will give members reviews once I've had a chance to use and critique the product. I like the fact that it has already gotten high marks from viewers.

Things I like :

Great lift capabilities with easy controls. This is a HYDRAULIC lift which means it is powerful . No scissor jack that can possibly collapse. Placement under the vehicle is critical. A solid base is required, such as a stout piece of lumber or a metal plate. It is a compact unit and appears to be well built. Also has a separate impact wrench and a air compressor for topping off tires, All of this in a small but heavy carrying case...Also has a light that specifically shines on the jack point.

The impact wrench gets VERY good reviews and comes with four sizes to remove lug nuts that have been put on by over zealous garages that have their compressor set to max psi. If you have ever faced this problem, it is very frustrating. Air guns at max pressure can ruin your day !!

This really appears to be a very well built unit, that is easy to use, has received excellent reviews and comes from a top-notch company that has been around a while.

Will update once received....hope everyone has a great weekend........!
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One other sidenote.......I also picked up another Deltran product that keeps track of your tire pressures and alerts you if any fall below a pre-determined level. I have it hooked up to my 99 ML430 which sometimes pulls a boat trailer and keeps track of those pressures also ! Extremely accurate, results are shown on your iPhone. This is a very nice feature to have particularly if you take long trips or tow a trailer.....
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