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Optical converter

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I found a converter that converts optic fiber to coaxial. Can I somehow use this to connect the amp to the head unit?
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*If* the head unit really uses fiber to connect to the amps (something that I have yet to see someone confirm from actual personal experience), I don't think this converter will help you connect aftermarket amps.<br> <br> As far as I can see, this converter simply converts between fiber media and copper media. It doesn't actually convert the digital signal to an analog signal.
D2B protocol

Ted, the fiber optics connect all components in a ring - Radio, Sound System, CD Changer, Phone, Voice Recognition, Tele Aid, Radio. I am not sure how tapping off the fiber optics would work. Is the fiber loop-back to the other components in the amp connector or inside the amp itself? If in the amp, then the other components would not work using the adaptor. Lots of questions to answer! Call the converter company and let us know what they say about D2B systems. Thx, John<br>
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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