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Hi everyone,

I have an opportunity to purchase a 1999 SLK 230 at a really low price for about $2,300 from a used car dealer. It has a couple of things that need to be sorted out.

I called up the dealer and he said the car needs a new turbo and linkage ? it was traded in at his dealership and the original seller drove it in so it does drive. he said it is loud.

I'm wondering if I should go for it or is it not worth it. im willing to put some money into it but im not really familiar with the turbos and how much it would cost to replace ?

can someone give me an idea on how much it would cost to replace the turbo and linkage for the suspension ?


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It's hard to say without more info (ex: mileage), but $2,300 sounds pretty low from a dealer ... meaning it might need some pricey repairs. Using KBB for my location in Southern California, a 1999 SLK 230 with 160,000 miles would be estimated at over $4,000 from a dealer. I've noticed some people haven't put many miles on these cars. I have the exact same year and it has under 70,000. I saw a 1998 for sale in my neighborhood with only 48,000 miles (!), the seller wanted $5,500 minus the estimated cost to repair the roof hydraulics (I think he ultimately sold it for around $3,500).

On the other hand, it sounds like this dealer might have a blindspot with this car. It doesn't actually have a turbo. It does have a supercharger (or kompressor as they say in German), which is probably what he's referring to. So maybe this dealer's sense of value will be off the mark and you could land a deal. Maybe.

If you're good with your own wrenches, I've found some useful articles here ... they have one on removing the supercharger, so if you can find a new or rebuilt one that'll keep your costs down:
Mercedes-Benz R170 Technical Articles ? SLK230 (1996-2004) ? Pelican Parts

It could still be $1,000-$2,500 for the part alone. Add a weekend of time messing around if you're not familiar with this car. Might be safer to pay for a couple hours of time by a decent mechanic, instead. And that's just the supercharger ... I've never had to do anything with my suspension but I'm sure somebody will chime in on that front.

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its rare for the supercharger to fail, the only thing to go a bit funny with the 98/99 cars is the supercharger clutch. the K40 relay is usually to blame for that. its not an expensive item looking about $100-200 mark. and worst case you can get a whole second hand supercharger for $700 mark. or rebuild it yourself (depends how mechanical you are and thats not too hard too).

linkage? need to be more specific is it a bushing in a control arm etc? the only thing i can think of is the front suspension lower control arms which the bushings can wear out. the arms themselves are around $200 each (lower control arms) and can get a mechanic to fit them
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