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oppinions regarding 560sl

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Would you consider a 1986 560sl in excelent condition for 10k canadian if it had 200k miles on it or would I be crazy to consider a high miler. The car is light silver with black leather interior and factory chrome wheels. The car spent most of its life in California

I want a low miler but don't have a lot to spend and am alittle impatient. Do these cars transmissions start to fail around 200k miles or could they go 300-400k miles if very well cared for? I could possibly get a new sebring or hybrid but also love these classic beauties! Any honest oppinions very appreciated! How many miles does your mercedes have on it?

Anybody selling a charcol grey 560sl mint low miles and chrome wheels, or blue, black, or silver? I can't spend alot.
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If you can't spend a lot, then you should probably go buy a ford h.o.s or a chev.

Mercedes require routine maintenance which needs to be done, not 'just left' until something breaks.

Don't shoot yourself in the foot by buying something you can't afford to maintain.

either that, or do your research and wait until a perfect example comes along that you wont need to spend a cent on. the chances of that happening are about as much as seeing a snowflake in hell.

I paid 28K $AU for mine, and I'm up to 40. I've owned it less than 6 months. Spending wisely on the bits that need attention are what you need to think about if you're going to dance with this one.
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