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oppinions regarding 560sl

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Would you consider a 1986 560sl in excelent condition for 10k canadian if it had 200k miles on it or would I be crazy to consider a high miler. The car is light silver with black leather interior and factory chrome wheels. The car spent most of its life in California

I want a low miler but don't have a lot to spend and am alittle impatient. Do these cars transmissions start to fail around 200k miles or could they go 300-400k miles if very well cared for? I could possibly get a new sebring or hybrid but also love these classic beauties! Any honest oppinions very appreciated! How many miles does your mercedes have on it?

Anybody selling a charcol grey 560sl mint low miles and chrome wheels, or blue, black, or silver? I can't spend alot.
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I think you've answered the question yourself If it's in excellent condition and at 200k mile The owner must be an advanced SL owner. And the guy would take $8500.00 in a flash. You could just take over the bills from there. My 73" 450 slc has 122k on it. I'm up to $10k US total easy and still going, to excellent. :D

PS I forgot to add that I consider buying a sl c an adoption not a purchase.
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