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I plan to cut a windshield out a car and put on mine , I know to use a primer but there are a few different kits out there , I may buy the primer + sealant+ window prep kit sika urethane primer 220+ fast curing adhesive . Has any one use a kit to install W124 WINDSHIELD ?

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EPC shows 2 part numbers for windshield service + the shield itself.

124-670-0193 Repair kit, glazing

005-989-1571 Primer 250 ml

124-670-3301 Windshield

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About 3 years ago I bought the MBZ windshield installation kit for my 88 260E/300E. I wanted to see what was in the kit (about $80) and there's no way that I would buy it again. You get one tube of urethane sealant, a small container of primer that comes with a foam tip like some shoe polish does, and (I think) some kind of cleaning cloth.

I was going to install the new MBZ windshield myself but chickened out and hired a pro to do it. He didn't want to use the MBZ kit contents but I insisted, having paid so much for it. He ended up using his primer.

You need that primer to repair any scratches to the windshield opening paint or rust will take off and you won't realize it until serious damage is done. DAMHIK

Go to an auto body supply store and buy a container of the primer,the pom-poms to apply it, a tube of urethane adhesive, and a sturdy caulk gun. The urethane is thick stuff and a cheapie caulk gun might break while you're using it.

I just installed a power sliding rear glass in my brother's Dodge Ram truck and a tube of urethane now costs over $25!

You'll need a helper, too. One slip and you have a broken windshield.


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