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What should I choose for casual urban drives, reliability on snow and good engine?

  • (2018) Mercedes-Benz c180d

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  • (2018) Mercedes-Benz c200d

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  • none of the above

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👋 Hello all, new to this forum. 👋

For some time I am thinking, planning and seeing these two particular models. I know that buying a diesel Merc is always a good idea, but I am somehow between two ferns when it comes to a couple of things.

➡ The c180d and c200d are both wearing a 1.6 engine, which sounds like not much. I know they are powerful enough for most driving habits, but are they really solid engines - considering the fact they have 120 and 160 horsepowers?
➡ Will the c180 be a decent car to drive during winter months and weekends in the mountains (considering its rear drive and only 120hp)?
➡ What are some of the things you think will "suffer" in terms of issues (electronics, faulty parts, engine, etc.)?

Thanks in advance. :)
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