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Opinions/experience with Royal Purple or Red Line oils/lubes/ATF?

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Just wondering if anyone has used Royal Purple or Red Line in their motors or tranny? Suppose to increase efficiency and decrease gear noise, but I want to make sure it's not more hype than fact...
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redline motor oil is garbage. the gear fluids are fine, but the oil sacrafices protection to reduce drag and net a few hp. not worth grinding the lobes down on your cams and demolishing your piston rings. mobil1, motul, and lubrimoly are great products from the results i've seen in independant studies.
what about lucas stabalizer? doesn't that compensate for the lack of zinc/phosphorus in dino? i use mobil1 15-50 full syn with the full syn lucas additive. i use the full bottle of additive then fill the rest with mobil. i sortta think i'm being too paranoid and it's gonna cost me more money than i need to spend. so i recently used dino castrol gtx 20-50 and regular lucas. i've just heard of horror of redline stories from honda guys and whatnot. i know racecars use redline cause the engines get rebulit after every race.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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