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Opinions/experience with Royal Purple or Red Line oils/lubes/ATF?

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Just wondering if anyone has used Royal Purple or Red Line in their motors or tranny? Suppose to increase efficiency and decrease gear noise, but I want to make sure it's not more hype than fact...
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I run Redline in my diff's. I'm not after more power, just more protection under heavy load/stress and that I do believe it provides.

It's not like you really hear gear noise in these cars and aside from being on a dyno when you swap all your fluids I doubt you'll notice any difference.

Well, I know some endurance race teams that have run Redline engine oils w/ good well as guys that use their Diesel engine oils in the work trucks (F550's) hauling serious weight back and forth across the country.

So far so diesel just cracked 800K last we chatted.

I think if you get into the seriously light weight, ie, 5-20 you may have problems in engines such as ours, but we know that weight it too light to begin with.

I would be Really surprised if their oils destroyed engines. If they did Redline would be on the same level as Slick 50, ie, No One would go near them.

While on the topic of eating engines, all the engine off the shelf consumer grade oils have decreased levels of phosphorus and zinc..two additives critical in keeping engine internals (predominately. cams) on older engines happy. I have taken to adding zinc/phosphorus additives to all my and my customers oil changes as this problem has been Well documented as of late.

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hempev said:
I just visited Diesel Giant and his oil change page shows Amsoil. No-one using the Purple stuff? If you'd normally stick to 3K or even 5k mi. change schedule, seems you'd have to go waaay more to justify the added cost. Unless there's some proof one of the synth oils does something magic, I'll probably just go with the lowest priced 20W50 and regular changes.
Depends on your driving style. Do you just extreme/heavy use? Then yes, your basic regular 'ol diesel oil will do (15/40 rotella or delo is good). However, if you drive your cars HARD &/or sit in a lot of stop and go traffic/do mainly city driving then a synthetic offers an added level of protection. They stand up to excess heat far better then your standard dino oils, and their additive package is aimed @ extreme duty applications. I for one run Synthetic in all of my cars that are tight or that get driven Hard. It's an added measure of safety that makes me feel @ ease when I'm asking for 100% of my cars capabilities. I don't get into extended drain intervals, and most will say (and I agree) that I'm throwing away perfectly good oil, but again it buys me piece of mind. DG (Russell, or Diesel Midget as we like to call him over here) knows his diesels well..we see each other every now and again. Jonathan
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The additive I am using is from GM, Part # 12345501, GMpartsdirect is where I buy it from:)

and007ca said:
Jonathan,wich oil You recommend for my car??Its time for an oil change!!!Thanks
I would run Mobil 1/Amsoil or Redline 15/50 or 20/50 in your Koenig.

How is she running these days? Was hoping we would get to see you down this way..??

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