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Opinions before I buy this 190D 2.5?

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Sorry about the length of this post, but if any of you can help with any of these points I'd really appreciate it.

I've been reading about the mighty Benz for some time, but now have the funds to buy me one. I'm new to Mercs, but not to mechanics or the joys of German engineering.

I went to look at a 190D 2.5 today. I got stuck in traffic and only made it there just before it got dark.

It's a basic model- 4 door, no A/C, hand crank windows all round, but has central locking, electric sunroof and passenger mirror. 188K Miles. £1850.
FMBSH up to 160K Miles.

It looked clean enough, paint was shiny and exterior complete. The interior is a little grubby, but complete and without rips/ cracks.

I took her for a drive and everything felt tight enough apart from the gear shift, which was real sloppy. One of the reasons the guy is selling it is because his wife was finding it hard to find reverse. It was hard, but possible. Generally the shift felt loose, as though the linkage was worn or out of adjustment (if it is adjustable). What are people's thoughts on this? Is it something to be wary of, or an easy fix?

Also, when changing gear while accelerating hard(ish) there was a knock from under the floor when taking my foot off the clutch pedal. My immediate thought was that this was the rear engine/ gearbox mount. Is this likely? If so, how bad is the cost/ time to repair? The PO has replaced the 2 side mounts recently.

Pulling away could be a little juddery... The car has sat for 3 months- could it be that the clutch is on its way out, or just bad fuel or something? I only noticed this once, the car wasn't warm and the PO said he hadn't noticed it before. If I need a new clutch how bad is the cost/ time?

The diff was rebuilt by the P,PO. I read a fairly comprehensive inspection report from '99 and the only fault they could find then was with a noisy rear diff. Is there any way to check this was done properly?

I found a receipt for replacement sills that were done this March to get it through it's MoT (inspection). PO was a bit vague about this, but said that was due to rust around the jacking points- is this a bad sign?

I'm going back with my bro tomorrow in the light- he knows the engines fairly well (he has a 6cyl Diesel Merc engine in his Land Rover), but not the cars. I've read previous posts here about what to be wary of: (susp. bushes, steering rack, struts, cooling and blower fan motors)- anything else?

Many many thanks.
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Hard to compare with 190's over on this side (East Coast, U.S.) but the lack of AC and Ele...

Hard to compare with 190's over on this side (East Coast, U.S.) but the lack of AC and Elec Windows would really lower the value a lot.

1st: Check to see what comparable 190's are equipped with in the UK. If they are are equipped with AC/Electric Gizmos, then you will have a tough time selling this car sometime in the future.

2nd: I'd kind of question why the rear was replaced. My opinion, and I have only been a 190 owner for a short period, the rear shouldn't have given out so early.

3rd: Normally, and this is only based on the things that are wrong with my car and some discussion on the MB Boards, the AC, the Speedo, the Emergency Brake Cables, the Idle/Cold Start are all things that "normally" go wrong as you approach 150K miles.

4th: Take a look at this Board for some of the problems that Owners are discussing. I don't think that the Rear End is one of the normal one's.

5th: We have a lot of Salt on the Highways in the East Coast Winter here so we get a lot of rust. Mine has almost known. Yours has already had the Sills replaced. I would really take a hard look at this car since the Rust may not be limited to just the Sills. Get up under it with a Screwdriver and do some poking. Look at the Wheel Wells from the Trunk and Engine Compartment for Rust at the Wells.


Hope that this gives some quick help to you.

Fall in love with MB "Image" but don't let one "Good Deal" cloud your Judgement.

Sam ('86 190e 2.3)

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too much

Without knowing the year, I'm picking '86. This car in GOOD shape would go for around US$3000 retail, after being cleaned up by a dealer. From what you've described though, it will need some major tranny work in the near future, and that puts it in the 'rough' category, placing it in dealer's price at around US$1600, though I wouldn't buy it at all. I've looked at many 190s here in California and I'm glad I wasn't taken in by the grubby ones. I ended up with an '86 190E with 130k miles, a few dents, a dry engine, everything inside works perfectly (particularly the new A/C) and the tranny is tight enough. US$2000, though it's probably worth closer to 3 despite the dull metallic silver paint. Don't be charmed by an MB wreck! Look closely and think clearly. You can check for values. On the street from a private party the car you're looking at is probably worth no more than US$1000 (I'm sure the tranny work will come to a grand).


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Make sure the cooling system is in good order. Those usually give problems at that car's ...

Make sure the cooling system is in good order. Those usually give problems at that car's age. I've got a new radiator in my 84 2.2L. The transmission problem seems like it will get expensive. Now, hypothetically let's say you get the car, pay his price, and then it turns out the car needs a new tranny completely (check the price that it'd cost) and decide if it's worth it to you. You also can't predict what's gonna go out on you in the future which can get very expensive. I've bought mine, put more money in it that I wanted to, but I am keeping it and fighting it out, it's too late to turn around. I love the car, just it's an expensive little guy!

Just be ready to sink about double what you intitially pay for it! I'd love to have a 2.5 though!!!!
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