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Hey guys..
sorry I dont really know what its called in english but I will call it a sprinkler.
So we got 3 sprinklers on w163s windshield. The one which is on the right (the one in front of the front passenger seat) dosent squirt water. The water pump changed once. So is it the pump or the sprinkler is choked ? I guess it is choked so how do we remove and clean it ?


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If the other two work the pump is fine.
The nozzle or the section of hose going to that right nozzle is blocked.
I have a very thin but stiff piece of piano wire that I have used to clean nozzles.

The issue is the plastic trim under the wiper arms needs to come out to service the nozzle.
That means the wiper arms have to come off to get the trim off.
That also gives you a chance to inspect the section of hose for any blockage.
If the nozzle is plugged up it has to be replaced. They are about $27 in the US.
Not sure what they cost in EU.
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