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one of my remotes doesnt work. i have two of them

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lets call them A and B.

A works 100%.

B works 0%. also, per the manual if you hold the button down for 3 secs a red light will come on indicating good batteries. i have done this test on B and the red light comes on. hence i must have good batteries in it.

i took the batteries from A and put them in B, still B works 0%. this rules out bad batteries.

Any ideas on what else i can check? i could not figure out how to open the remote (except to replace the batteries).

I would like to have a look at the circuit card inside but cant figure out how to completely open the remote w/o breaking it.

any input would be appreciated.
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You can check the electrical contacts to the batteries in the problem transmitter. You probably thought of that already, though. Unfortunately, there is little else you can do.

If you want to disassemble the transmitter, simply pry it apart along the center all around...It seperates into two halves.
thanks, done that. i am going to take apart next. what

have i got to lose at this point. i guess i just pry it open w/a small screwdriver, hopefully there are no screws (torx) holding it together.
You may have to reprogram the car to accept the remote. When you use the B remote does the lights on the door light up? If the lights DO NOT light up the it sounds like a problem with the remote. If the lights on the door do light up then it is getting the signal but is not unlocking the door it sounds like the car does not recognise the remote. It is an easy thing to do and is worth a shot before you take stuff apart.

To have the car recognise the remote I belive that you do the following:

1) Manually lock the car with the key.
2) Use the remote and press the button to unlock the car. You will see the light on the door flash.
3) Manually unlock the car with the key.
4) Start the car.

These are the steps that you need to do when you get a new remote. Since mercedes does not program the remote to match your car, the car is programed to learn your remote.

I hope that this solves your problem
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If a remote is without good batteries for a period of time, then it may have to be "synchronized" as Black129 mentioned. Didn't think of this myself. One thing: the above instructions are for cars made through November of '93 and later cars are different. On a '97 like Carlos has you press the transmit button two times momentarily and then insert the key into the ignition and switch it to ON within 30 seconds.
thnks, excellent advise. unfort. the green/red lights dontt

come on when i press the button, hence the remote itself must not be sending a signal.
thanks, appreciate that. will give it my last ditch effort tonite.
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