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One advice: Get the extended warranty!

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I just picked up my pampered 2006 R500 with 54K miles after the dealer fixed the front passenger airmatic suspension and driver side mirror.

Here is the breakdown of the invoice:
Passenger front Hyprophneumat (Airmatic Strut): $1144
Valve Block: $246
Labor: 770

Side Mirror:
Side Mirror assembly: $466
Labor: $126

Total: $3000 :rocketwhore:

Luckily, I have an extended warranty and my our of pocket is only my deductible of $200. :beerchugr:

Anyway, I am sure the other 3 Airmatic Struts are all going to fail soon and they will probably cost somewhere about $7000. My advice, GET A GOOD EXTENDED WARRANTY if you want to keep the car for a while after factory warranty ends. I was in total price shock on those items especially my car is very well maintained.
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Do you have EXTENDED WARRANTY from MB or THird Party?
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