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One advice: Get the extended warranty!

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I just picked up my pampered 2006 R500 with 54K miles after the dealer fixed the front passenger airmatic suspension and driver side mirror.

Here is the breakdown of the invoice:
Passenger front Hyprophneumat (Airmatic Strut): $1144
Valve Block: $246
Labor: 770

Side Mirror:
Side Mirror assembly: $466
Labor: $126

Total: $3000 :rocketwhore:

Luckily, I have an extended warranty and my our of pocket is only my deductible of $200. :beerchugr:

Anyway, I am sure the other 3 Airmatic Struts are all going to fail soon and they will probably cost somewhere about $7000. My advice, GET A GOOD EXTENDED WARRANTY if you want to keep the car for a while after factory warranty ends. I was in total price shock on those items especially my car is very well maintained.
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When buying a pre owned MB vehicle, it is a good idea to not buy a vehicle with Airmatic suspension, they will all fail as the vehicle gets old, very pricey to fix also.
The rear suspension of all R-class is on Airmatic strut....

Not disagreeing with you and it is really depended on how much you pay and the terms of your extended warranty. I paid less than $3K for my 5yrs/75K miles warranty about one year ago. I have already submitted claims over $3.8K.

#1 reason that I skipped the Caynenne Turbo and bought the R500 instead was because the ability to buy a reasonable priced extended warranty. I am planning to drive the R500 for two more years and without warranty can be very expensive especially my R has a lot of electronic gadgets.
The standard suspension R has rear airbags for self leveling, still uses regular shocks for dampening. Vehicles with airmatic have a different setup.

The other benefit of Xwar people don't think of is, when something fails on your vehicle, you will not know if you will have the money to fix it or how your financial standing is at the time. With a xwar, assuming it is covered, it will help a lot. Being an autoshop owner, I know very few people have saved money in a special account for car repairs. People have to borrow, charge it, or cut something else out to fix their cars.
I have not worked with an extended warranty that covers trim or cosmetics items, just wanted to put that out there. Sooo many x-war companies like to use the term bumper to bumper coverage "just like the new car warranty", this statement is very misleading and not true. X-war is a good option, but for most of us who have purchased a pre owned 2006 R350/R500, most things have been updated under warranty, I got a copy of my vehicles VMI-it had 4 pages of repairs. So far since I had it, I had the rear main seal replaced under the CPO, this is a very normal leak in MB products.
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