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One advice: Get the extended warranty!

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I just picked up my pampered 2006 R500 with 54K miles after the dealer fixed the front passenger airmatic suspension and driver side mirror.

Here is the breakdown of the invoice:
Passenger front Hyprophneumat (Airmatic Strut): $1144
Valve Block: $246
Labor: 770

Side Mirror:
Side Mirror assembly: $466
Labor: $126

Total: $3000 :rocketwhore:

Luckily, I have an extended warranty and my our of pocket is only my deductible of $200. :beerchugr:

Anyway, I am sure the other 3 Airmatic Struts are all going to fail soon and they will probably cost somewhere about $7000. My advice, GET A GOOD EXTENDED WARRANTY if you want to keep the car for a while after factory warranty ends. I was in total price shock on those items especially my car is very well maintained.
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My S500 and R-Class both have airmatic and I'm really lucky I never had any major problems with the suspension. However, my business partner was not too lucky when his SL500 had problems with the front passenger side airmatic shock. You can buy them off ebay for $500.00 if you can find a good deal. I driven cars with airmatic and regular coil-over springs and I find the airmatic suspension to be a lot more comfortable. Also, why did you change your side mirrors?
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