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280GE LWB -89, C200
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Hi all,

here is a small summary of my winter project.

First of all thanks to Dave for his help of finding correct mounting brackets.

Here is what you need if you like to build an on board air system to a 460 280GE -89:
- Buy a used York A/C compressor, The best modell is F210R, I found my from a Volvo -82
Make sure the York has a working magnetic clutch and a pulley.
- Next step is to find out what you need to mount the compressor.
I had to buy 2 mounting brackets for the compressor, a new pulley for 4 belts and the belt tensioning pulley.
This is the most expensive part of the project. Make sure you get the right parts, there is a lot of modells to different engines.
- Then I used the air tank (6liter), the pressure switch, and some other stuff from my 1.5hp hobby compressor.

It was easy and fun to mount everything.

The result is better than I thought, the York is faster compared to my 230Volt 1.5Hp hobby compressor.
I can fill a 33x10.5x15 tire from 1.5 to 2.5bar in less than a minute, even when the motor is idleing.



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