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OM642 with 160k miles noticeably burning oil out the tail pipe(No DPF or SCR).

Smoke is not pure white(coolant)nor black(rich mixture).

I repeat: The Smoking is Very Noticeable Out the Straight Exhaust(No DPF or SCR), and it is Intermittent.

Yes, sometimes it Smokes Like crazy and sometimes you cannot notice a thing.

What I know...

Absolutely No visible oil leaks of any kind.

PCV/CCV valve is New no difference from the old valve.

Not the Turbo.
I ran the engine without both the Intake & Exhaust Housings just left the Cartridge on, still smokes.

Not the Oil Viscosity.
1st: Mobil1 5w40 Turbo Diesel grade, still smoked.
2nd: Cheap 25w60 with 2 Quarts of Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer, still smokes.

No Excessive Engine Blow By.
Did the oil cap dance test, even did it with a finger over the PCV/CCV Valve closed.
No Dancing.

Had a Cranking Compression Text done here’s 3 of the readings.

Cylinder #1: 154 & 134 & 161
Cylinder #2: 182 & 140 & 163
Cylinder #3: 192 & 142 & 160
Cylinder #4: 168 & 146 & 160
Cylinder #5: 169 & 141 & 165
Cylinder #6: 160 & 138 & 159

On the 2nd test the battery voltage dropped to 11.9v
A battery charger was used to do the 3rd test.

Any thoughts?

Intermittent Sticking Rings on cylinder #1?
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