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2017 G350d, 2002 G400 CDI
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Hi All,
G350d 2017, OM642.887 engine is having valves clicking noise.
(Genuine fresh MB engine oil 229.52, noise was before and after oil change).

This is not permanent, sometimes the engine is really quite and smooth,
but sometimes it is clicking real noisy while driving, most often it is happening when the truck is downhill and no foot on the gas pedal (ie engine braking), this make the valves really clicking (sometimes it can suddenly get quite with no action from my side).

(with no load, ie N gear, the sound is much better, even at high rpm).

  • Is there any know issue with the valves/ valves lifters know with this engine?
  • Is there any adjuster for the valves timing? maybe it is why the noise comes and goes?
  • No fault codes, no check engine light. any help will be appreciated.

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