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Oldtimer 1962 Mercedes Benz 220SEb 2-door coupe 66k miles - $14.800 (SoCal)

Oldtimer 1962 Mercedes Benz 220SEb 2-door coupe 66k miles - $14.800 (SoCal)

You can see everything about my car at Nice Vintage Car

This is one of the last hand built mercedeses and a true example of German engineering and craftsmanship.
It's an early 1962 MY of the successful presentation at Geneva in 1961 at 75th anniversary of the Mercedes brand.
Now it has exactly 50 years. The car was purchased by a Navy officer in Washington state and was rarely driven through it's entire life. This car still has the collector vehicle Washington license plates on it. The car was stored for 30 years before it was purchased by a Mercedes collector and restored. The body was stripped and repainted about 10 years ago..
Some of the service history has been restored.
Looks like the expensive fuel injector has been rebuilt at around 60k miles. There isn't any major work recorded and looks like numbers match. In fact my mechanic was the first one to disconnect the drive shaft to do a clutch service last week. The car is a perfect driver and has an economical fuel injected 2.2 6 cylinder engine
The beautiful white exterior combined with the red leather interior and wood panels throughout
the interior makes it for one of the most sought after examples.
Manuals windows, locks, lack of air conditioning and dual brake system gives this car the reliability
Mercedes us well known. Handles amazing in city driving or highway cruising.

The engine is a 2.2 6-cylinder with fuel injection and is in great shape. It doesn't leak any fluids and had a recent fluid service done. Oil, coolant, steering fluid and brake fluid replaced. Doesn't have any noises or smells and starts pretty quick. I have replaced the spark plugs, spark plug wires, ignition coil, rotor. Cleaned the fuel system. Adjusted the timing. Replaced the rubber hoses that cracked. Engine doesn't require any maintenance at the moment.

It's a 4 speed manual transmission that shifts like new. In fact that was the only weak point when I purchased the car. I installed a brand new clutch, bearing, shifter bushings, transmission mounts, drive shaft flex disk, throw bearing. The transmission is smooth like silk now. Shifts perfectly and engages each gear as it should.

Brakes and suspension
Front steering components have been replaced. Brake cylinders replaced.The car tracks fine. Steers very easy.
When it comes to cosmetic condition, it's really a matter of personal expectations and standards. It had no accidents but the paint isn't original. It was repainted a while ago in it's original white color. But paint has some imperfections. Its good enough for a daily driver but not perfect. It doesn't require any body work unless you have higher standards than the ones suggested by my price. All glasses are intact. The side marker has a crack but nothing major. All lights work and horns.

I think the interior is great. Seats have no rips no excessive wear. Dash, wood and leather is in great shape. What you'd expect from a car with 67k miles. Steering wheel isn't cracked. Original Becker radio and clock workwindows work. Heating and ventilation work. Interior lights and all the knobs and switches are operational.

If you're interested in this car you can email me to ciudim at yahoo dot com. Or reply to this ad.
You can also text me @ 714 307 0655

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