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2001 CLK 430
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Hello Group
You want an introduction, eh?
Bought my first Benz about 5 years ago when my second 325I BMW began developing computer problems. The guy had been advertising it for weeks in the local paper and couldn't get rid of it, I suppose, because it has a 5 speed stick. Well, I happen to like the design of the 190E, the price was right, and so was the timing. The 2.6L isn't as quick as I'd like, certainly not as quick as my son's 330IC Bimmer, but let's face it, at 61 years old just how fast do I need to go????:rolleyes: The Old Girl has 168,000 miles on her and still runs like a top, no rust, at least no holes anyway, and everything but the cigarette lighter works. I chose the handle I did because over the years I've owned 4 Cadillacs, 2 BMWs, 1 Mercedes Benz and a Rolls Royce. I figure I qualify.:)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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