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okay so I still cant shut off car 85' 300 d

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So I have to look the driver door to shut off the car...anyone know how to do this? It is messing with my gas millage...Im leaving for a trip on the 6th and want this fixed!!!! please some one started right after a oil change!

85' 300d
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The door locks do not work either... my car has been garage kept its whole life and has 165k on car. super clean and never abused...the tranny is hesitating to shift then does abruptly. it gets about 400 miles on the HWY but 300 in city. is this about right? I thought when I first got the car a little over a year ago it was lasting longer?!

is it possible that the vacuum pump needs to be rebuilt?

Im leaving for colorado ina couple days and would like this to be fixed before i leave
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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