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Ok so who is selling all of our MCS Retrofit Instructions.....

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On Ebay? After everyone on this forum worked hard to do the retrofit and Andrew in getting the parts from Germany, now someone is trying to profit from all of our work. Amazing!!!!!
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RE: No problem as long as it is coming from one of us, especially you:)

I'm doing the Navigation upgrade on my 1999. How do I get a copy of the more detailed instructions you are selling. Also I have the MCS, dvd, and gerate adapter could you tell me where to get the rest of the parts. Thanks.
benza thanks! will post some pics when I get all the parts.
hey roadsession yeah I couldnt resist I was looking at magellan stuff but there's nothing like having it in the MCS. Need to get the german parts hopefully I can get them pretty quick. Were did you get your can bus etc. Did you get your rims yet?
myself and another member are doing the Navigation retrofit we are looking for the 3 Euro Parts. I had a couple of sources but it seems its difficult to get the parts right now. I know there are member of this forum who have gotten the 3 Euro parts needed. Could someone share were they got the parts to help us out. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!
I found an american who sells parts in Germany his website is he has the euro parts I need a nice guy also.
Man I got hammered I bid on a MCS/Navigation on ebay and didnt win the bid. A day later I got an email saying I have a second chance to win because the buyer didnt pay. All the emails were from ebay (it seems) saying it is covered by them all the right crap looked real safe with names and all. Well I sent this guy the money and bam havent heard from him looks like I was scammed. I'm reporting it as an internet fraud case seems ebay is doing nothing for me not being covered since they say it was outside of ebay but the emails had all ebay address on them. I have been doing ebay for a couple of years so I'm not new at this but this is the first time I got screwed. I'm still looking for a navigation unit just out alot of money.[:(]
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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