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'81 300TD
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I just installed 45mm Jamex front springs, along with 8mm shims. For pics, see the thread "How low...Can you go !!! - Lowered 300TD",

I'm switching to 23mm shims today, as the setup dropped it too low and my tires rub on big speed bumps or pot holes. BTW, I'm using 8" rims with 11ET. 7.5" with 25 ET wouldn't rub, imo. I was lucky to find the last pair of Jamex springs in the US (i think). Handling is much improved with the new springs. I'm currently using Bilstein comfort shocks but am switching to Bilstein HD's, as the ride seems too soft for my taste. They should be on my doorstep today!

I found this website that has lowering springs for your car, but they're in the Netherlands.

Hope this helps.

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