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Ok, so I bought a hood ornament from Ebay for my car...

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Mine arrived in 3-pieces? I didn't expect that, and yet I am trying to figure out how am I supposed to put this in my car. It came with a small black metal kind of u-shaped piece. The hood ornament and base, and a funky black thing. I am pretty sure that helps lock under the hood.

I am terrible at explaining, so I included a couple pictures. All I know it's off a 1985 300E. I hope it's the right one I needed.

Can anybody tell me this looks like the proper hood ornament for a 1989 300E, and how to attach it properly?

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Smart move going with new parts. one of the great things about older Mercedes Benz is the wide availability of parts makes them very repairable. and in many cases the parts are not very expensive. Sure there are times when buying used parts is going to make a lot more sense, I always check the new part price before buying any used part, and more often than not, the small difference in price makes the new part a better safer buy.
I'm sure that every member of this site has their own favorite supplier. One I would recomend is Adsitco, definately not the lowest prices, but everything I have bought from them has been new, genuine Mercedes Benz and the service has been great. Plus their catalog provides a quick price reference.
By the way, I really like the color of your car, It's the only one I've ever seen. Good luck with getting it back in top shape. Some of the guys are giving you a hard time about the bra and fender trim. They may not be my taste, but it's not my car!!. We all want our cars to make our own personal statement, go with what YOU like and you won't go wrong. Welcome to Mercedes Benz ownership
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