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Ok, so I bought a hood ornament from Ebay for my car...

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Mine arrived in 3-pieces? I didn't expect that, and yet I am trying to figure out how am I supposed to put this in my car. It came with a small black metal kind of u-shaped piece. The hood ornament and base, and a funky black thing. I am pretty sure that helps lock under the hood.

I am terrible at explaining, so I included a couple pictures. All I know it's off a 1985 300E. I hope it's the right one I needed.

Can anybody tell me this looks like the proper hood ornament for a 1989 300E, and how to attach it properly?

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It is the right one, But it will be terrible to attach the 3 pieces together first, Ask me how i know.

Anyway, I am worst than you in explaining, so I hope someone else here would tell you how to do it.
He can't put it back together correctly ALONE, He will need help from someone else to slide the small pin in place when the first man pulls the spring through the U-shaped metal.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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