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Ok, so I bought a hood ornament from Ebay for my car...

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Mine arrived in 3-pieces? I didn't expect that, and yet I am trying to figure out how am I supposed to put this in my car. It came with a small black metal kind of u-shaped piece. The hood ornament and base, and a funky black thing. I am pretty sure that helps lock under the hood.

I am terrible at explaining, so I included a couple pictures. All I know it's off a 1985 300E. I hope it's the right one I needed.

Can anybody tell me this looks like the proper hood ornament for a 1989 300E, and how to attach it properly?

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Do they usually come in one piece when bought, or did he take it apart for no real reason? In the picture it came as one piece, should I ask him why the heck he took it apart? :confused:
The guy I bought my car from, TAR'd it to re-install it from when someone pulled it off. He was too cheap to buy an original with the proper mounting hardware. I need to use a heat gun to remove it, I would have bought a button badge if I couldn't afford a new star replacement. I personally think the original owner was an idiot.

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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