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OK, I can beat the top down with a hammer...

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...but before I do I thought I might ask for some help.

Just replaced the passenger side door glass in my '79 SLC. Everything works but at the rear of the window is close to a 1" gap.
So far I have:
1-moved/removed the rear stop-no solution
2-loosened all the bolts and tried pulling the back of the window up-no solution
3-loosened the bolts on the regulator scissors to see if that would change anything-no solution
4-loosened the rear vertical guide to see if that would change anything-no solution.

Anyone have any adjustment tricks?
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Just a thought. Did the replacement glass come from a pw vehicle?
Sorry- PW?
Hadn't thought of that. I will check with the source. I was wondering if the year would make a difference.
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