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oil light question

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Hi guys, I'm hoping for some insight.....

I was driving Marshman's 1979 240 D (with an 82 engine) home last night and the oil light flickered. It stayed on about 1-2 secs at a stop light, then went off. Near my house it flickered again. As soon as I got home I checked the oil. The oil was fine on the dip stick (between the "low" notch and halfway).

I know the oil light warns you of a drop in oil pressure. Could this be an omninous sign that the oil pump is failing? Any ideas?? Thanks -Dawn (Benzmeover)
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It could be, I had that happen one time and found out the wire had come off the oil pressure switch and was touching ground every once in a while which turns the light on.
Uh..... 123's do not have oil lights.

What did the light look like?

Did it look anything like a wheel with brake pads on either side of it?
Like Palangi I'm also curious to know what this oil light is. I remember having 4 lights on the left of the instrument cluster, and 2 on the right.


-"BRAKE" (red)
-"(O)" (yellow, the ( and ) are broken lines)
-Battery light (red)
-High beam light (blue)


-Seatbelt light (red)
-Glow plug light (yellow/orange)
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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