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oil leak issues

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Hey people,i own a 1991 190e 2.3,with 169,000 miles, i wasnt planning on keeping it,I bought it off some older lady as a temp car till i got my Volvo fixed but the car has grown on me and ive really come to appreciate it.I bought it for $2000- it had issues but for temp use it great,the second week of driving this car the ignition froze while i was leaving my vets office :mad:then sanders said it would cost $600 to get it out:eek:,i refused and got my cordless dremel and cut off that satanic collar,start er up with a screw driver and drove it away.Now oil is seeping out the valve cover and seals of the motor:(I drove it to a couple mechanics one wouldnt even get into it and recomended i buy somthing i can afford,another said it's leaking because the motor was too worn and forcing the oil out the gaskets and seals..i really dig this car now and dont want to have to sell i got a quote for a rebuilt motor for $3500 installed w/1year warrenty,i dont think the motors that bad its not over heating or blowing smoke from the tail pipe it seems to start up and drive well,however it does need new hoses and its had a hard life....could the oil be caused by a clogged breather or something and if so could anyone tell me where its located any idea would help...please excuse my noobness i am new to the realm of Mercedes
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Welcome aboard,
have a look into your vehicles specific area, in your case W201 190 Class - - Mercedes-Benz Discussion Forum a
you should be able to get help there.
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