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oil leak into ecu

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Jusy got my baby back from a b, the reason the yellow engine light is on is, im told, oil has leaked from the cam chain tensioner and contaminated the loom and ecu, I'm about to become £1,400 poorer for a loom and ecu. Im also advised this is a known fault on CLK 230's. Would it be worth throwing toys out of pram or should i just pay up.

Is there any other option, im told she will eventually stop!!

ta chazzer[:0]
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This a new one on me, been working on mercs for 4 years. Do you have a copy of the star print out with the fault codes. Bear in mind the tensioner is quite low down on the engine the oil would have to travel a long way uphill to get to the ecu, get fault codes from printout and we can start from there.
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