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oil leak from diff, any help?

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i have just discovered a small oil leak from my rear diff.i read in a work shop manul that this can be caused by high speed in hot climates and it needs a new baffle plate in the diff.i do high speed long distance [800 mils in a day down tru france ,and back] but that was 6 mounths ago. i would appreacate any help..slk year 2000
thanks fab
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I also had a leak there about 3.5-4 years ago. It was fairly expensive to fix (~500), mostly for the labor. The mechanic said you definately want to fix it, since if it all leaks out you can have big problems.

I doubt the leak is do to any specific driving conditions, just a failure in gasket or some other part.


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Where is the oil leaking from? If you can't tell, then clean it off with a high-pressure spray and check it every day until you can see it. It might be something easy like the drain- or fill-plug. It could also be from the vent in which case a lot of high-speed may have caused it.

The final thing to check is how bad it's leaking. Pull the plug and check the level. It might be just fine. Differential fluid is thick and so sometimes a little looks like a lot. I've seen diffs with leaks go 50,000 miles and not leak enough to lower the fluid level below the minimum level.
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