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oil leak below injection pump

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Ok, I finally replaced thew shut-off valve in my diesel (still don't know where the $300-$400 labor estimate came from - it took me 1.5 hours). As I had the airbox out, I took a look at that peski oil leak. It seems to be coming out from beneath the fuel injection pump right where the fuel line comes into it. Does it mean I have to remove the whole pump?<br> <br> Thanx
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That would make sense. But I haven't attempted anything that big personally yet. Right now I'm only considering doing an engine mount by myself. Removing the pump probably will require you to remove lots of other stuff. I know that you will at least have to take the V-belt off, but I don't know what else. Have you been on's diesel forum? They've all been very helpful for me. The only thing I can't get out of any of them is how much torque I need to bolt my engine mount with. Do you know?
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