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Hello Everyone,

I believe I have read every post in this section on oily MAF. I have done the following and still have oil coming into the air intake.

Cleaned and replaced oil separator and hoses.
Removed manifold cover, cleaned nozzles and replaced PCV valve and hoses.
Replaced the spark plugs (Bosch)
Oil change
Cleaned all hoses before and after MAF
Cleaned MAF (bosch 1 yr old)
Placed a catch cloth before the MAF to catch any residual oil coming up from intercooler. Which it has been.
Running very rough still and very little power. Then died.
So, I Unhooked MAF sensor and car runs, very rough, but gets around.
Until this morning when it would not turn over. Need to get it running to go ahead and take to mechanic.

Today I am taking all of the hoses before and after MAF out - MORE OIL! and oily MAF.

In process of cleaning parts and gonna reassemble... hoping it will at least run to get to shop.

Where else could the oil be coming from? Is there a seal inside, further down that could cause this?

How far can this rabbit hole go? :confused:

Thanks for reading.- Wanda

2000 mercedes c230
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did you ever solve the prioblem cause i am facing the same one and don't want to buy a new maf with the oil still spitting back on it
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