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oil filter wrench?

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would like to do my own oil change. What size oil filter wrench do I need for the straight
6 sl320 (1997). I've read on this forum, I can draw motor oil thru the dipstick tube rather than remove the drain bolt on the oil pan. Any opinion on that ?? THANKS
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Oil change SL320

I have a 97 SL320 and I change my own oil. Here are my thoughts - you will want to get the metal "cap wrench" that properly fits on the top to the oil filter housing. I was unable to use a regular oil filter wrench due to the tight space on my car. The cheap plastic cap top wrenches won't work either. I chose to drain the oil after removing the drain plug - quite easy to do once you remove the front motor skid plate - no need to lift the car. By far the hardest part of tis job is changing the oil filter without making a mess.
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