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Oil Consumpsion

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My 2000 ML320 now has 50,000 miles. At 49000 the oil light went on...brought it to the dealer to top off, well 6 weeks later and 1000 miles more, the oil light goes on. Back to the dealer today.

Dealer says there is an issue with oil consumpsion on some ML's.

Has anyone had this issue...?
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giodean - 2/16/2005 11:54 AM

My 2000 ML320 now has 50,000 miles. At 49000 the oil light went on...brought it to the dealer to top off, well 6 weeks later and 1000 miles more, the oil light goes on. Back to the dealer today.

Dealer says there is an issue with oil consumpsion on some ML's.

Has anyone had this issue...?
Did they (dealer) fix it??
My '98 with 77k only uses a fraction of a quart per thousand--not bad at all.
Sometimes I think I go through more oil than gas. This has been discussed here before, but MB won't do anything about it. Their idea of excessive oil consumption is ridiculous.

You are right....they call excesive oil cunsumpsion... something like 1qt per 600 miles.
Yep. Had that problem on MY2000 430. It took many frustrating trips to the dealship and MANY oil consumption tests, until MBUSA finally agreed that the consumption was over specification. The oil light used to go on every 2-3 K miles. The dealership recently performed a ring job on the vehicle (replaced the rings and oil sensor). They found "excessive sludge" in the cylinders. No damage to the actual cylinder barrel, though. Haven't had a problem sice (6K miles later and no light).

Keep complaining to the dealership. It's a known problem.

Good luck.
jsala24....your correct on all points.

Dealership told me I had to do an oil change to begin the oil consumpsion test...even though this is the second time in two months I have had it in for this. They claim this is a known issue and MBUSA covers this up to 150k miles on the ML's...time will tell!
When I heard this problem the first time, I asked my neighbor who is a master technician of Toyota. He told me for Toyota, if the oil consumption is more than 1/8 of a quart in 3,000 miles, then this is excessive oil consumption. The minimum effort needs to be done in order to fix this problem is to change all of the pistion rigns which is a major repair. He was surprised MB allows that amount of oil consumption, in his opion, there is something wrong with the engine.
Hello all:

My 2000 ML55 AMG unfortunately has the same problem. The MB dealer advised they had to run a 150 mile driving test to determine how much oil was being consumed. After the test was concluded, MB advised the engine had lost around 1 liter of oil. I was told more test are needed before MB can make a final determination, and based on the results I would need a ring job or a new engine! Good news is my ML55 is still covered under warranty, but I'm worried MB might just try and take the easy way out and perform the ring job.

Will keep you posted as I hear more....

P.S. MB gave me a 2005 C240 as a loaner, but when I found out my vehicle would be out of commission for some time, I complained, and they gave me a 2005 ML350 with 1,200 miles :D
I had this problem on our 2000 ML320 at 38K miles in 12/03. Dealer did an oil consumption test revealing loss of 1/2 quart in 1000 miles, followed by a boroscopic examination of cylinders revealing scoring on cylinder walls. Dealer then replaced "shortblock" which is essentially new crankcase, pistons, rings, bearings, etc.

Problem solved....
i have posted many times on this issue. My 01 320 drinks about 3/4qt every 1K mi. Have had it in for consumption tests many many times but always the same "within spec". Yeah a spec that was designed to cover up a problem. My warranty is to expire in 1mo.
If it gets worse i will have a fight on my hands, but the info about a dealer checking a car, that is within use spec, with a borescope is something i will have to remember.
At 1/2 quart per 1,000 miles and you got a rebuild? Okay, you can wake up now. What dealer did this? If word gets out, he'll have a line around the block.
Hey Scuba, you're absolutly right. I'm warming up the ML right now to go there. I went out for a loaf of bread last night and I'm down a 1/2 qt already.
Scuba and Geebrewger--
It might be worth it for you to take a drive down the Eastern Shore to Phillips Mercedes in Va Beach.

They did the B service on the vehicle at about 36K miles. Shortly after that, the oil low indicator came on intermittently. Returned it to Phillips, they topped off crankcase. At about 38K miles, the oil low indicator was on again and the vehicle was returned to Phillips. At that point, they noted on the invoice "Performed oil consumption test. Found oil was about a half quart low since last visit (1006 miles). Removed spark plugs and inspected, found plugs oil fouled. Performed cylinder compression test. Cyl 1-136, 2-121, 3-150, 4-155, 5-152, 6-156. Performed inspection of cylinder bores with aid of borescope. Found scoring in right cylinder bank."

I'm not a techie, but I think this means that the compression was low on at least two cylinders. I don't know what the compression specs are supposed to be for this engine.

This was a lenghthy stay at the dealer for the vehicle, and my wife drove the loaner C240 for about 2 weeks while they sorted this out.

Hope this helps and good luck before your warranty is out....
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I'm not sure about getting it fixed - I kind of like my "automatic oil changes" as I've lovingly called them. My FSS has never went below about 8,000 miles since it always thinks I've got fresh oil. At least it makes me keep better documentation, since I can't tell by the FSS when I should change the oil.
Scuba, well put. I just had it in for the 50K service @49K miles. The FSS showed that an oil change wasn't due for 4,700 mi. (always changed @ 10K)They however are going to do one under warrany next week before the warranty expires. while it was there the did change the radiator hoses, changed a trans seal, fixed something in the sunroof, repaird a malfunctioning heated seat, and a cracked part in the front wheel drive system. All under warranty of course.
Thanks for all the feedback...this seems like a common issue. I will update this thread on my outcome with the oil consumpsion test at the dealership...or should I say Stealership!
I've got a 2000 ML55 w/50k that gets driven like it should be. No oil consumtion issues, but do notice a foamy, sluggy buildup under the oil filler cap. The dealer tells me this is "normal". that sounds suspect!, but as long as there is no oil consumption and no smoke I won't sweat it. Although I shutter to think what a new AMG 5.5 would cost when I'm out of the Starmark warranty!!
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